Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A long road...worth following

I find myself impatient, excited, overwhelmed, and generally itching to get on with proceedings.

To bring you up to date, we have applied for the licence, and as of today have recieved no objections. This means that another 5 days and the licence could be ours!

In the mean time we are waiting for the legal beagles on all sides to get things rolling.

The problem with it dragging on so long is that we are frustrating some of the excellent suppliers that we have found.

None-the-less, the extra time has allowed us to develop our plans and make them even more exciting.

Rick from Look Touch Feel has done a great job of web graphics, Sam is flying with the drinks list, and the menu is delicious.

Come back soon and catch up on our news.

Happy days


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